Homeschool Classes

Homeschool Class: Soil Sleuths, Ages 8-10

March 25th, 9:30 am11:15 am


Register online.

The “Soil Chef” will help students understand the difference between soil & dirt and give the recipe for soil.  Students will hike to the QH sandstone cave and also sift & sort soil samples into their components.  

Homeschool classes are taught by our experienced naturalists and use the extensive resources in Quarry Hill Park to create unique, locally based science experiences that support at home learning while building respect for the natural world. 

These classes are for homeschooled students only, are based on age, and are offered two times during the school year. Topics rotate from year to year.

Class Details:

  • Classes include a significant amount of time outside. Please dress for the weather.
  • Advanced registration and payment is required. 
  • Parents do not need to stay. 
  • Only children registered for the class may attend.
  • If your child has a particular educational/classroom need please make Quarry Hill aware prior to the start date of class so we can provide the best experiences for students.
  • Epi-Pens:  If your child requires an Epi-Pen and a responsible adult is not accompanying the child for the duration of the class an Epi-Pen authorization form (with physician anaphylaxis plan) must be completed and returned to Quarry Hill Nature Center prior to the start date. Please contact the Nature Center for more information.