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Exploration Hall

Quarry Hill Nature Center's Exploration Hall offers opportunities for looking and learning as well as hands-on fun. Visitors can observe 35 varieties of live animals, birds, and fish and a large collection of taxidermy.

Did you know?

  • Quarry Hill's 1700 gallon fish aquarium is home to seven kinds of Minnesota-native fish. The catfish is the biggest in the tank weighing in at 11 pounds. 
  • On weekends, visitors can feed minnows, 10 for $1, to the fish in the large aquarium. It's likely the more aggressive catfish and carp will get most of them. 
  • Throughout the nature center you'll find dozens of mounted birds, fish and animals. Most of the taxidermy has been donated including one collection that originates from the turn of the century, a time known as the golden age of taxidermy art and science.
  • Our T.rex skull is a cast replica of STAN, the most complete T.rex specimen found to date.

Try this

  • Pick up an Exploration Hall Hunt at the front desk and test the knowledge you've acquired!
  • After studying the nests in the bird room, can you spot any in the park?
  • Head to the Quarry to find the fossil impression left from the cephalopod seen in the nature center entryway.
Don't be shy. The shells, antlers, deer leg and other objects are meant to be handled.