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2020-21 Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Rental

RENTAL STATUS: Not Currently Renting due to inadequate snow cover.

* 2020-21 Trail conditions and snow report.

2020-2021 Equipment Rental:

  • Rentals will be available Saturdays and Sundays.*
  • Equipment must be secured in advance through online booking. No walk up rentals will be available.
  • No Indoor facilities or warming areas will be available. 

2020 - 21 Rental reservations will begin when trail conditions permit.

* Rentals are available when conditions are deemed acceptable by Quarry Hill.

Ski Rentals*: 4 Hours   Overnight
Adults $15.00   $25.00
Child (under 18) $10.00   $20.00
Snowshoe Rentals*: 4 Hours   Overnight
Adults $10.00   $20.00
Child (under 18) $10.00   $20.00

Things to Note

  • Aside from your ski and snowshoe tracks, look for animal tracks in the snow.
  • The best snowshoeing happens “off the beaten path”. Try the meadow.
  • Know your route: be sure to check the map for ski-only and multi-use trails. 

Pro Tips

  • Use your arms and legs together to gather speed.
  • Lean slightly forward for better balance.
  • Use snowshoes with grips if you plan to go into woods or up hills.
  • Use larger snowshoes in open areas with deep snow  - like in the meadow.
  • Strap the bindings on tight so you don’t have to take your mittens off to put them on again in the snow!
  • Be careful not to ‘bridge’ your snowshoe.
  • Dress in layers. Skiing and snowshoeing will warm you right up!